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Haemorrhoids are nothing but the swollen and inflamed veins near the rectum area that causes bleeding during bowel movement and discomfort while sitting. Though this is a very uncomfortable situation, it is not a dangerous situation because it is easily treated by doctors and at times can be self-treated. Haemorrhoids are also referred to as […]

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Hair and its care

Hair is a part of the body which plays a very important role in our appearance and for this reason we take good care of our hair. Hair care includes oiling, spa, washing and hair cut etc. but unfortunately most of us today fail to take proper care of our health which causes many hair […]

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Breast enlargement

Breast size is a matter of concern for many women. There are a set of women who are sensitive towards size of their breasts and want to have an ideal size and shape of the breast. Though there is no fixed range of size of the breast some women have large breasts and some have […]

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Knock knees

There are people who have deformed legs which are called as knock knees. In this condition the knees angle toward inward and both knees of each leg touch each other and the ankles are spaced far apart. This is not a very uncommon or a rare condition in children and gets sometime corrected by itself. […]

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Tonsil stones removal

Tonsils are two masses of lymph tissues which are found on the either side of the throat and provide defence mechanism to the body. When they become infected people feel discomfort in swallowing and a constant pain causing uneasiness in speaking too. It sometimes causes fever too. So as discussed that tonsils provides immunity, it […]

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