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The Results Of Overdosing On Some Nootropics

Some cognitive enhancers have benefits that no other Nootropics have, but have to be experienced by oneself in order to find out whether they are right for you or not. If you are taking these memory enhancers for anxiety and sleep, then there are several variables, which can influence the effects of the cognitive enhancers on the mood of an individual including the age, the stimuli from the external environment, and hereditary factors.

Determining the right dosage for taking the Nootropics implies that you must take these factors into consideration.

How much of the Nootropics should you take?

The first and the most ideal thing to do would be to contact your physician to know whether or not there is a conflict between your current health condition and medication. If you are intent on using the cognitive enhancer cognitive enhancer, then you should consider testing it under various conditions and trying variegated dosages of the cognitive enhancer and find out what you feel is right for you. Men should consider using 15 to 17 milligrams of the memory booster per pound of body weight. As a healthy guy in his early twenties or late teens, you should consider taking 2-5 grams of this memory booster. You should consider splitting the dosage into 2-3 doses per day. Women should consider using 8 to 10 milligrams of the memory enhancer per pound of body weight. 1 gram should be ingested by a girl, who is healthy and in her early twenties or late teens. You should split these into 2-3 doses per day.

The Results Of Overdosing

The right way to take the Nootropics

You can take the Nootropics in two common ways – either in the form of a tablet or in the form of a powder. Since the powder form would be a bit sour, it would be better to take the capsule or the tablet form of the memory enhancers. However, some people still prefer the powder form of the Nootropics. In order to make it convenient for use, you should, however, consider consuming the capsule form of the memory enhancers. If you are still insistent on using the powder form, then consider adding it to a sweet fluid such as a citrus drink and taking it in. The Nootropic works fast, but not immediately upon consumption, and you must make a note of this. You would not need to wait for weeks or for months to see the effects of the memory booster. However, you have to wait just a few hours to see the effects.

The side-effects of consuming the Nootropics

When you consume these memory enhancers, you would see a change in your dream patterns, implying you will be able to remember your dreams – irrespective of whether they are bad or good. You would sometimes feel numbness in your limbs or even pain. Some others might experience only numbness in their limbs. In fact, this might even feel a bit unnatural since it comes from deep within. These are the effects of overdosing on Phenibut.

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