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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Drug Therapy

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - Drug TherapyThrough the last years it has become more evident that benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP), despite its non-malignant nature, is a progressing disease. There are several choices for the treatment of this condition – drug treatment ( can provide info about medications helping to relieve its symptoms), minimally invasive therapy and surgery. Which one to choose depends on several factors such as the stage of the disease and severity of the symptoms, patient’s age and concomitant diseases of other body systems.
With the lapse of time, if left untreated, BHP progresses, causes worsening of the urination problems (frequent or urgent urination, nocturia, weak stream, etc.), reduces the quality of patient’s life as well as increases the risk of urinary retention and need for surgery. Here are 4 main options for the drug therapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia:
5-alpha reductase inhibitors. They work by reducing the activity of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that contributes to the production of the dihydrotestosterone hormone. By doing so, they lower the levels of dihydrotestosterone in the prostate gland, which causes slowing down the growth of prostatic tissue, decreases prostate volume and relieves BPH symptoms. This type of medications is also used for the hair loss treatment.
Alpha-blockers. They work by relaxing certain muscles in the bladder neck, urethra and prostate and thus making it easier to pass urine. Although these medications are good at relieving BHP symptoms, they do not stop the enlargement of the prostate.
Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. PDE-5 inhibitors are originally approved for the treatment of impotence also known as erectile dysfunction; however, they have been reported to significantly improve the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors should not be used in combination with alpha-blockers, since it can cause life-threatening side effects.
Combination therapy. Some patients have the best results when taking both 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and alpha-blockers. The use of both types of medications can be better at easing the symptoms of BHP.

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Effects of human growth hormone


Human growth hormone is one of the essential hormones which are secreted by the pituitary gland. This hormone regulates many essential functions of human body and it is very important that this hormone should be released in optimum amounts. Development of muscles and elongation of bone is caused by the secretion of this hormone. Elongation of bone happens mostly during adolescence which causes increase in height and the growth of the muscles occurs till middle 30s. These all events happen due to secretion of human growth hormone. Under secretion or over secretion of this hormone should be treated by a doctor who will usually prescribe a recombinant form of this hormone.

As stated earlier that this hormone cause development of muscles ,it is because of this reason that it is used by many top celebrities and body builders so that it helps in building of muscles and enhances their look as well as improve their performance in wrestling etc. It is debated that if this hormone is administered in the body then it have an anti-ageing effects on the body .So many people start taking this hormone which is available in the market but it is a tricky task to get the genuine form of this hormone as there are many companies who manufacture and sell fake hormonal pill . One more point should be kept in the mind that the genuine hormonal product is mostly available in the form of injections and not spray or any pills. It is because the hormones are secreted directly into the blood so only if administered through injection then the hormones is released into the blood stream which is not possible in case of taking the pills orally . Also while purchasing any such product check for some unique identification mark over the product. You can check the internet for HGH for sale at the best prices on the market.

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What To Do About Extra Skin After Your Weight Loss Surgery

What To Do About Extra Skin After Your Weight Loss Surgery

Similar to a pregnancy, where the skin is extended and stretched, loose or extra skin after a major weight-loss is typical. The degree and amount of excess skin depends on different aspects:

  • The more weight a patient loses post-surgery, the more likely they are a candidate for excess skin. As a person’s body becomes accumulates more and more fat and becomes obese, the skin is stretched, often to an extent that goes beyond its limit of elasticity – this very occurrence is the cause of stretch marks. As soon as the flexibility and elasticity of the skin are jeopardized, it will no longer have the ability to go back to its former firmness and tightness.
  • How rapidly the weight is lost will also determine the amount of excess skin. The quicker the weight-loss, the greater the probability of loose skin. Patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery may find that they experience greater amounts of excess skin because of the significant weight reduction in the first couple of months after surgery. Due to the skin’s ability to heal, the typical patient undergoing gastric banding, who will be losing about one to two pounds each week, will probably experience less hanging skin.
  • As we age, the elasticity of our skin significantly reduces and it naturally becomes less taught – with or without weight reduction. The older the person, the greater the likelihood that hanging skin will be a by-product.
  • Genetics play a part in whether you will develop excess skin, too.

Considering the above, along with the patient’s ability to heal, all we know is that it is a mix of elements that eventually determines how much excess skin the client will have.

What Can I do about Extra Skin?

While there is seldom a medical necessity for the elimination of excess skin, numerous weight reduction surgery clients opt for a cosmetic surgery procedure called body contouring. This procedure consists of eliminating the majority of the excess skin and tightening of the remaining skin. The procedure might also include an abdominal lift, breast lift, thigh or butt lift or entire body lift. These procedures are normally considered cosmetic or aesthetic and are hardly ever covered by insurance.

While the aesthetic benefits can be enormous, body contouring still is a surgery that includes potential risks. All of our clients are specifically advised to fully comprehend all the benefits and risks of cosmetic surgery prior to their treatment.

When Can I Undergo Body Contouring?

It is recommended that body contouring be performed only when the patient has actually arrived at a stable weight, their goal weight. If the client were to lose more weight after body contouring the likelihood for more excess skin to arise is increased. If, on the other hand, the patients, puts on more weight after surgery, the flexibility and elasticity of their newly contoured skin is jeopardized. When they lose the weight again, their skin becomes saggy and droopy. If you are thinking about body contouring after your weight loss surgery, please contact our office at Knoxville Cosmetic Surgeon for more information on what procedures are available to address your specific needs.

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Thyroid eye disease and its symptoms:

Thyroid eye disease and its symptoms

Eye is one of the most important of the sensory organs as well as a very delicate organ for the human body. Proper functions of eyes are essential for a smooth and healthy life. But sometimes a few eye diseases show symptoms that could be largely deterrent in you pursuit of a normal life. For instance, let us take Thyroid Eye Disease into the discussion. A person affected with this disease finds his eyeball pushed forward from the socket and causing various symptoms.

What this disease is: There is very little space available inside the eye socket but is enough to contain everything concerning to human vision. But some soft muscles and tissues get swollen which exerts pressure on the eyeball and pushes it forward that is why the eyeball looks like popped out and also it affects the movement of the eye. The symptoms are normally mild, but in case of severe displacement of the eyeball it becomes difficult for the patient to close the eyelids effectively and leave the cornea dry and unguarded. Also the patient finds it difficult to move the eyes too. The nerve connecting to the eyeball and brain may get compressed and damage because of the excessive pressure exerted upon them.

The severity of this disease may lead to loss of vision but vision loss is rare in most patients. The disease, more often than not is associated to an overactive thyroid gland producing too much thyroid hormone, and got the name accordingly. Doctors conduct Thyroid function tests, thyroid scan and uptake test to see how well the thyroid gland is acting. Doctors may go for an MRI scan to see how much swelling is there in the eye socket to be clearer about the disease.

Doctors use medicine and sometimes surgical procedure to cure patients from this disease. Also some doctors may suggest radiotherapy to reduce the swelling in the eye. Controlling the thyroid function also helps in controlling the disease better.

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Blepharoplasty: An introduction

Blepharoplasty - An introduction

The endeavor of human being has always been to look beautiful and young. In the process they have always been in combat with the ageing process they naturally go through and every time they find ways to beat the process of ageing.

Many medical procedures are there to aid us in our attempt and one such procedure is Blepharoplasty or eyelift. Often people undergo this procedure to correct the hooded upper eyelids and saggy lower eyelids.

Why blepharoplasty? People with doomed and saggy eyelids often complaint about looking tired even if they just had enough sleep for the look of their eyes. The skin in the eyelid is too delicate for the age and sunlight to act upon it and make it lose its elasticity and get stretched. Also there are some young people who have this symptom that may take worse shape with ageing.

What is done in this surgery? In this surgical procedure the surgeon corrects the defects, deformations in the eyelids that aesthetically improves the appeal of the eyes and boosts overall appearance of the face too. The goal of correcting the eye zone and restoring the correct function of the eyelids is achieved by the repositioning or removal of excess tissues and reinforcing corresponding muscles in the eye zone.

After the surgery the patients get the benefits like

  • Fewer fine lines around the lower eyelid and outer corner of the eye,
  • No more baggy areas below the eye that were primarily responsible for the fatigued look,
  • No more drooping eyelids and lifted eyelids cause a wider spectrum of vision and expanded line of sight.
  • A refreshed appearance due to the corrected eyes and it can also go great with other cosmetic procedure to have a dramatic makeover of the overall facial appearance.

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Best Kratom Effects to Cure and Alleviate

What Is Kratom

So what is Kratom? Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa – its Latin name, is a Medicinal Leaf, or Medicinal Herb that originates from Thailand. Kratom is also widely grown across many Southern Eastern regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Borneo where you will see Kratom Trees growing in abundance throughout the Kratom Jungles!

Kratom Trees are harvested at an old age to extract a higher alkaline content, Alkaloids being the main chemical composition in Kratom, namely mitragynine, Mitraphylline and 7-hydroxymitragynine.  The latter representing the main active chemical in Kratom which acts as an oppressor for withdrawal symptoms in individuals with opiate dependency (one of the noteworthy Kratom Effects).

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Welcome to Best Kratom Effects!  Our site is here to help give advice on the Best Kratom and accurate information on Kratom Effects. Kratom is often used as an herbal alternative for many individuals who suffer from all kinds of troubling and exacting conditions. The Best Kratom are a natural wonder known to help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, MS, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia plus many more challenging problems. Kratom Infusion for example is a brand new herbal Kratom Tea made from a White Vein Kratom Leaf that is being used for its Kratom Effects in helping with conditions such as Insomnia, anxiety and pain relief. But what is a White Vein Kratom and what are the Best Kratom Effects?

There are many testimonials from Kratom users who find the Best Kratom  to be of true medicinal benefit. One person in particular has tried every type of prescription and natural remedy to help with their social anxiety, all which have failed. Talking about Kratom Infusion SWIM A says:

I mix the kratom tea bag with a tea bag of chammomile tea and then add a bit of honey so it tastes not too bad. I did this at the weekend – let both tea bags simmer in boiling water for about 5 mins, and I DO think i felt calmer”

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Other positive Kratom Effects are those in helping sufferers from fibromyalgia. SWIM B says:

I have fibromyalgia, and with it come ‘Restless Legs Syndrome’ which is truly awful. The Best Kratom seems to be a miracle cure for RLS – without it I would be in agony most nights”

And a further testimonial from SWIM C who is highly encouraged that Super Indo Kratom Powder’s Kratom Effects has been responsible for helping them with the an intense condition of depression:

I have been using the Super Indo Kratom and it has significantly helped in making me less anxious and has more drive. I hardly ever leave the house but am now considering enrolling on a computer course at college, something I have always wanted to do but never had the confidence. The Best Kratom has helped increase my positivity and desire to socialize with the outside world”

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The Best Kratom is a medical wonder helping thousands of people in their daily lives overcome challenging and poignant conditions. Kratom is slowly steering itself away from the formidable ‘legal high’ term that it has unfortunately been bestowed with, from some inexperienced, unknowledgeable or just ignorant passersby. I can sense a definite movement in people’s perception of Kratom and I think one day soon it will finally receive the credit and applause that it so deserves as being a medical marvel and 21st century wonder.

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