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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Drug Therapy

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - Drug TherapyThrough the last years it has become more evident that benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP), despite its non-malignant nature, is a progressing disease. There are several choices for the treatment of this condition – drug treatment ( can provide info about medications helping to relieve its symptoms), minimally invasive therapy and surgery. Which one to choose depends on several factors such as the stage of the disease and severity of the symptoms, patient’s age and concomitant diseases of other body systems.
With the lapse of time, if left untreated, BHP progresses, causes worsening of the urination problems (frequent or urgent urination, nocturia, weak stream, etc.), reduces the quality of patient’s life as well as increases the risk of urinary retention and need for surgery. Here are 4 main options for the drug therapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia:
5-alpha reductase inhibitors. They work by reducing the activity of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that contributes to the production of the dihydrotestosterone hormone. By doing so, they lower the levels of dihydrotestosterone in the prostate gland, which causes slowing down the growth of prostatic tissue, decreases prostate volume and relieves BPH symptoms. This type of medications is also used for the hair loss treatment.
Alpha-blockers. They work by relaxing certain muscles in the bladder neck, urethra and prostate and thus making it easier to pass urine. Although these medications are good at relieving BHP symptoms, they do not stop the enlargement of the prostate.
Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. PDE-5 inhibitors are originally approved for the treatment of impotence also known as erectile dysfunction; however, they have been reported to significantly improve the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors should not be used in combination with alpha-blockers, since it can cause life-threatening side effects.
Combination therapy. Some patients have the best results when taking both 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and alpha-blockers. The use of both types of medications can be better at easing the symptoms of BHP.

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Haemorrhoids are nothing but the swollen and inflamed veins near the rectum area that causes bleeding during bowel movement and discomfort while sitting. Though this is a very uncomfortable situation, it is not a dangerous situation because it is easily treated by doctors and at times can be self-treated. Haemorrhoids are also referred to as piles. Some symptoms of Haemhorroids are itching in the anus region, leaking of faeces, painful bowel movement etc. This article will talk about some of the tips about how to get rid of hemohorroids.

If the symptoms are not so severe then it may be controlled by some home remedies like including high dietary fibre in your diet and drinking adequate amount of water so that the bowel movement becomes easy. Though the exact reason for Haemhorroids is still unknown, it is believed that being obese, eating unhealthy and junk food and drinking less water causes Haemhorroids.

Haemhorroids are of two types internal and external and amongst these two external haemorrhoids causes more severe symptoms and discomfort. When they cause itching, the doctors prescribe some itching ointments to be applied in the area to reduce the itching. Pain killers are also prescribed to reduce the pain or discomfort caused due to Haemhorroids. In severe cases the doctors performs a minor surgery to make the swollen veins around the anus shrink in size so that it does not causes pain or any discomfort in bowel movement or while sitting. In this surgery he legates the swollen veins with a rubber band so that the blood circulation stops in the swollen veins and thus will cause it to shrink in size. However, nowadays many doctors inject some chemical in the person which causes the stoppage of circulation in the swollen veins so that the swollen veins shrink in size.

However this ligation process should not be performed at home which otherwise would cause infection and will worsen the situation.

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Hair and its care


Hair is a part of the body which plays a very important role in our appearance and for this reason we take good care of our hair. Hair care includes oiling, spa, washing and hair cut etc. but unfortunately most of us today fail to take proper care of our health which causes many hair problems like premature greying of hair, hair fall, baldness in males etc.

Because of our hectic schedule we miss to get hair spa, and maintain a proper hair care regime. Environmental factors like pollution and unhealthy eating habits, also contributes towards hair fall.

These all factors account for hair problems. The problem that is faced by most of us nowadays is the hair fall problem. While women are still on the safer side as they cannot be complete bald but there are many men who face this problem of baldness at very young age like middle twenties or early thirties. It may be pattern baldness or complete baldness. So occurrence of baldness at such young age is a problem because it alters your appearance and makes you look much older and it especially is a problem if you are unmarried.

So for people who have such problems look for remedies to regrow hair, While some people resort to options like hair implantation in which hair are implanted artificially ,however before opting for such things, it should be understood that the hairs which are implanted also starts getting falling after some time so it is just a temporary effect.

There are many home remedies also like eating food rich in beta carotene like beet roots, carrot. Taking protein rich diet also helps and intake of gooseberry in your diet also helps in growing hair naturally. Gooseberry is such a good option that if you cannot include it in your diet ,then you can apply it as a paste on your head and scalp which will nourish your hair so that it doe t fall and helps in growth of the hair .

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Breast enlargement


Breast size is a matter of concern for many women. There are a set of women who are sensitive towards size of their breasts and want to have an ideal size and shape of the breast. Though there is no fixed range of size of the breast some women have large breasts and some have small breasts. Again there are some women who are very comfortable with their size of breasts even when they have small breasts; there are some women who become very conscious about themselves on having small breasts so they start looking for various remedies to increase their breast size.

One option is undergoing a breast surgery or a breast implant which increases the breast size but every surgery has its effects and side effects so before opting for a surgery you should think twice. However many people don’t know that there are some remedies which help in natural breast enlargement.

It is believed that taking foods rich in oestrogen helps in increasing the breast size. Sow. Foods which are rich in natural oestrogen are fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds. You can soak these seeds in water for overnight and then drink the water or these can be chewed also but only if you like the flavour. Apart from this there are some exercises which help in the increase of breast size. You can try push-ups which help in strengthening of the chest, breast muscles and also helps in increasing breast size. Arms swinging exercises also help in increasing breast size. However it is important to understand that even if you have small breasts you should not have any complex and you can do other functions like breastfeeding also perfectly. So instead of having a complex operation you should be confident about the way you are.

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Knock knees


There are people who have deformed legs which are called as knock knees. In this condition the knees angle toward inward and both knees of each leg touch each other and the ankles are spaced far apart. This is not a very uncommon or a rare condition in children and gets sometime corrected by itself. However if the condition persists beyond the age of five, then it is most likely that this condition will persist in the adulthood too. Though this is a congenital disorder, it is not a very dangerous or a fatal condition and is often corrected by some exercises .The exact causes of congenital defect is unknown but it is believed that deficiency of vitamin D is the main cause of knock knees. The other cause which supposedly accounts for occurrence of knock knees is the obesity.

The knock knees correction can be done easily in childhood by some physiotherapy and in many cases the condition responds quite well to the therapy. If the condition persists till adulthood, then the correction becomes more important to relieve the pain, discomfort and improve the posture and avoid the occurrence of arthritis. For the set of people who suffer from the problem of knock knees, there also are option of knee braces which help in restructuring of the deformed knees and helps in increasing the spacing better the two knees and thus improving the posture while standing and thus relieving the discomfort and the pain.

More commonly it is caused in the poor section of the society when the children are the victim of malnutrition and do not get proper nourishment for the growth of the bones.

Hence one way by which knock knees can be prevented is increasing the awareness about this condition and providing the pregnant females a good amount of vitamin D ,calcium and phosphorous so that the bones are not deformed and problems like knock knees does not occur.

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Tonsil stones removal


Tonsils are two masses of lymph tissues which are found on the either side of the throat and provide defence mechanism to the body. When they become infected people feel discomfort in swallowing and a constant pain causing uneasiness in speaking too. It sometimes causes fever too. So as discussed that tonsils provides immunity, it sometimes becomes a hindrance too rather than providing help so when this happens there are instances of repeated bouts of tonsillitis and such symptoms. Sometimes what happens is that some bacteria, germs etc. get trapped in the lobes of the tonsils and over a period of time due to repetitive trapping of germs and bacteria, these get calcified and become hardened and then is referred to as tonsil stones or tonsillitis.

The symptoms and treatments depend on the size of the stones. When the stone size is small it is self-treatable and it does not cause much discomfort. Hence it should not be consulted by a doctor. The small stones do not cause much discomfort but large one is treated by prescribing saline water gargle and by some medicines and some antibiotics. If the stones do not respond to antibiotics and keeps on causing discomfort, then the doctors prescribe tonsil stone removal by surgically.

Surgical stone removal is not prescribed for small stones, it is not prescribed for large stones when these causes much discomfort. One common cause for tonsil stones is that ,people often clean their teeth twice a day but they do not do tongue cleaning due to which the germs and bacteria starts thriving in the mouth and as a result these get trapped in the tonsils. For this reason it is important to do proper tongue cleaning and this habit should be imbibed from childhood itself because children also get affected by this problem.

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